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VELHO BARREIRO Silver - Zuckerrohrschnaps - Cachaça SILVER 1L 39% vol.

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Brazilian Quality Sugar Cane Rum, Tatuzinho Bottle 1l.

Despite the high production volume, the Velho Barreiro is stored in wooden barrels of the Rose Jequitiba species, which further refines and rounds off the original taste. Its golden color is accentuated by the cask aging, suggesting a unique aroma, with nuances of fresh sugarcane and bananas. Slightly sweet, it lies on the palate and leaves in the finish an aromatic experience that hardly any other cachaça of this class has to offer. But not only in purgenusses lie the strengths of the Velho Barreiro Silver. As an ingredient in cocktails, its mixability surpasses many of the other cachaças in Brazil and is ideal for classic cocktails like the Caipirinha, Batidas or the Latin Lover, which not only professional bartenders love at Velho Barreiro. It s just a cachaça with a very high recognition value.

Cachaça Velho Barreiro SILVER "Mit Farbstoff E150d"39 % vol, 1000 ml.
Alcohol content
39 % vol
SUCOs DO BRASIL- Productos Latino GmbH
Graf-Landsberg-Str. 9
41460 Neuss
Spirituose aus Zuckerrohr
Herkunftsland: Brasilien

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