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CUBANEY Tesoro - Extra Premium Brauner Rum, 700ml, 38% vol

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Extra Premium brown rum from the Dominican Republic, aged for 25 years in oak barrels, bottle 700ml.

The Cubaney Tesoro Grand Reserve is one of the oldest of the Home Oliver and Oliver from the Dominican Republic. By the Soleraverfahren, his Age of 25 years and the use of former Bourbon, as well as French Wine barrels bring this rum a whole wealth of exciting flavors with it.
At the core dyed very dark, a slight blush shimmers on the edge. In consistency he acts creamy. Sweet notes of chocolate, vanilla, toffee, honey and fruits characterize the Tesoro Grand Reserve off. In terms of taste, it is in no way inferior to the nose. That s how it is here, too, a pleasant sweetness, accompanied by toffee, bourbon vanilla, coffee, chocolates and barrel flavors again. Ron Cubaney Tesoro Grand Reserve offers a great variety tastes.
He is very strong and remains pleasantly soft and tender for a long time palate.
After hours, the Ron Tesoro is felt. Perfect pleasure is the connoisseur offered.
Pure, accompanied by a cigar, with a few drops of water or a few mint leaves can be enjoyed this rum.

Ron CUBANEY 25 Tesoro38 % vol 700 ml
Alcohol content
38 % vol
SUCOs DO BRASIL- Productos Latino GmbH
Graf-Landsberg-Str. 9
41460 Neuss
Herkunftsland: Dominikanische Republik

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