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CUBANEY Elixir de Ron Orangerie - Rum-Likör, 700ml, 30% vol

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Rum Elixir, 8 years storage, bottle 700ml.

With Ron Cubaney Orangerie by Oliver & Oliver you will find a liqueur-like rum, which is reflected in the tastes of many friends and relatives. Its 30% vol form the basis for the flavor and taste to develop beneficially.

Seen in the glass, the orangery shines like a mahogany surrounded by a golden glow. So you can already imagine what powerful flavors wait for the connoisseur. Of course, the orangery, as the name suggests, captivates with its orange aromas. Adding fruit aromas, paired with Sherry Oloroso ensnare the orange scent and bring it to advantage. The storage and maturation after the Solera process and the age of up to 8 years have left their mark, so that the taste, the aroma is in no way inferior. Friendly and cheerful it spreads in the mouth and ends in a soft and delicate aftertaste that lasts for some time.

Ron CUBANEY Orangerie30 % vol 700 ml
Alcohol content
30 % vol
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Graf-Landsberg-Str. 9
41460 Neuss
Herkunftsland: Dom. Republik

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