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THE RUM FACTORY Double Cask Cognac, 45% vol. 700ml

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Premium Solera Rum, aged up to 12 years, 45% vol., Bottle 700ml

"The Rum Factory Cognac Cask" is based on a selected blend of the finest Dominican rum, which has been matured in the Sherera casks for up to 12 years using the Solera process. This Solera Rum is aged in an ex-cognac barrel in the Czech Republic for 8-12 months. It is a symphony in which fruit, oak and long ripening periods complement each other and underline each other perfectly. This bottling impresses with a rustic bronze color with dark gold tones. The Rum Factory - DOUBLE CASK COLLECTION offers a unique rum style with a distinctive character, which was shaped by "Continental Aging".


Double Cask Collection

The "Double Cask Collection" heralds the future of "The Rum Factory". The connection between the classic rum style of South America (tropical aging), which receives an additional maturation in Europe (continental aging). This production step takes place in Bukova, in the historic building of the "Albert Michler Distillery". By cutting different barrels, the long-term availability and quality of these fillings can be ensured. The competence lies in the barrel selection of the second maturation to reflect the classic rum style. This method and the European climate gives an impact on the barrels and makes these rum fillings so special. In the future, connoisseurs will discover new products from South America and the Caribbean with a distinctive signature that creates the perfect balance between the classic expansion in the ex-bourbon barrel or Solera system in the tropical regions and the additional aging in individual barrels from Europe.


Enthält Farbstoff zur einheitlichen Farbgebung.45 % vol 700 ml
Alcohol content
45 % vol
Albert Michler distillery Int s.r.o.
Trida Kpt. Jarose 1922 / 3
602-00 Brno-mesto (cast) / Czech Rep.
Herkunftsland: Panama

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