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Given the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19, we want to assure all of our customers that we are taking all steps necessary to maintain the safety of our customers, employees and partners. We work according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and local authorities. We constantly ensure that all appropriate health and hygiene standards are observed.


Shipping Guidelines

Where do we ship to?
We do ship your order to any adress within Germany and Europe. The Shipping is via DHL (Germany & Austria) or UPS (Rest of Europe). A Tracking Link will be sent automatically via Email.

How do we pack?
The shipping of food products requires a special know how. which we gained over the last years. We use special packing equipment and do also reuse packing material in order to care about our environment.

How long does it take within Germany?
All products are directly available. We use DHL or UPS for standard delivery. The standard delivery time is 1-3 working days. If you choose Express delivery your parcel will be delivered the next day except on Saturday (please note that you have to order before 10am in order to use express delivery).

How long does it take outside Germany?
Deliveries outside Germany to Europe the delivery time is 3 - 5 working days..

Shipping Costs and Minimum Order

How much are shipping costs within Germany?
Shipping within Germany is 4,50 €. Express delivery is 11,90 €. For standard delivery: Orders above 49 € are at no shipping costs.

Is there a minimum order?
No. There is no minimum order. You can order as much as you want and need.

How much are shipping costs international / within Europe?
We only ship within the European Union (EU). The calculation of the international shipping costs are done automatically within the order process when yopu enter your shipping destination. Here is an overview:



Shipping Costs


Zone 1 Germany

Standard: 4,50 €      free > 49 €

Express: 11,90 €

Express with frozen products: 15,95 €

DHL (Standard)


UPS (Express & Frozen Express)

Zone 2 Austria

9,90 € (0kg - 30kg)

19,80 € (>30kg)


Zone 3 Luxemburg, Denmark, , Netherlands, France, Czech Republic 

9,50 €  (0kg - 10kg)

12,50 €  (10kg - 20kg)

15,50 €  (20kg - 30kg)

20,50 €  (30kg - 40kg)

26,50 €  (40kg - 50kg)

39,50 € (>50kg)


Zone 4 GB, Italy, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia

11,50 €  (0kg - 10kg)

14,00 €  (10kg - 20kg)

17,00 €  (20kg - 30kg)

22,50 €  (30kg - 40kg)

30,00 €  (40kg - 50kg)

45,00 € (>50kg)


Zone 5  Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Estland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Hungary, Cyprus

17,50 €  (0kg - 10kg)

21,50 €  (10kg - 20kg)

25,50 €  (20kg - 30kg)

33,00 €  (30kg - 40kg)

43,00 €  (40kg - 50kg)

59,00 € (>50kg)

UPS Switzerland  (Sorry, no shipping. More infos here or via )

Customer Service

What should you do when you have problems with your delivery?
Call us or send us an Email. We love to help you.

Phona: +49 (0)2131 4065 640 (Mon to Fri 8am - 5pm)

How environmentally friendly do we handle our packaging?
To protect the environment, we decided to use recyclable packaging and also to recycle packaging from our suppliers and not simply throw it away. Last year we were able to save 24,970 kg of resources and 3,096 kg of greenhouse emissions through recycling.

We are happy if you support us in this project and also put the materials in the appropriate garbage cans. Thank you very much!

This is a view in our stockyard where we pack and send your order:


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