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SANGRE DE VIDA Spirituose aus Agaven Mezcal Reposado 50ml 45%vol

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Premium spirit from 100% agave, Oaxaca - Mexico, aged 60 days in oak barrels, 45% vol, bottle 50ml

Sangre de Vida Reposado is a double-distilled premium mezcal made using the traditional regional method of San Juan del Rio.
As a raw material for this Mezcal serve the Espadin Agave from the sunny mountain peaks at 4600 meters altitude in the region Tlacolula, Oaxaca.
This excellent mezcal presents pronounced agave and fine fruit notes on the nose. Its taste is surprisingly light, warm, pleasantly smoky with hints of honey and oak. Its finish is long, sweetish with a little smoke and agave.
Production of Mezcal SANGRE DE VIDA

Technical data:
Alk. Salary: 40%

-Filling quantity: 50 ml

-Agave: 100% Espadin

Region: San Juan del Rio, Oaxaca

-Agave harvesting method: 100% handmade

-Of type: pits in the ground

Extraction Process: Tahona Process

-Distillation: double

Storage: American French white oak barrels

Storage time: 60 days Maestro -

Mezcalero: Isaias Martinez

-NOM 0318X

For the production of Mezcal Sangre de Vida, an old method of production transferred from generation to generation is used.
The agave hearts (piñas) are harvested by hand, cut into pieces and slowly cooked in a large pit in the ground. After cooking, the juice is extracted from the agave pieces using the so-called "Tahoma wheel" and stored in wooden barrels, where it is naturally fermented slowly.Sangre de Vida is pot-distilled twice, a very slow and labor-intensive process great care has been taken to ensure the highest purity and quality of this spirit.
Mezcal Reposado rests for at least 60 days in American white oak barrels, constantly monitored by the maestro Mezcalero. During aging, the mezcal gains its special and complex properties. After about 2 months, the maestro Mezcalero Isaias Martinez has accomplished his art and approves the bottling of Mezcal Sangre de Vida.

Mezcal SANGRE DE VIDA Reposado45% vol, 50 ml.
Alcohol content
45 % vol
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Spirituose aus 100% Agaven
Herkunftsland: Mexiko

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