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KOOK Grobes Meersalz Sal Marinho 600g

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Coarse sea salt, 600g box

Natural coarse sea salt is salt obtained from seawater in salt marshes by evaporation or by other methods.

Sea salt is not only indispensable for health, but in combination with herbs and spices as barbecue salt, seasoning salt, herbal salt or as pure salt the basis for good, unadulterated taste for hot and cold dishes.
Originating in the Atlantic Ocean, -KOOK Sea Salt is completely free of chemical additives. The naturally shaped crystals can be used whole or freshly ground.

Zutaten: Meersalz
SUCOs DO BRASIL- Productos Latino GmbH
Graf-Landsberg-Str. 9
41460 Neuss
Grobes Meersalz
Herkunftsland: Brasilien

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