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GRACIAS A DIOS Spirituose aus Agaven Mezcal Espadín Reposado 700ml 45% vol

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100% Espadín Agave Mexican spirit, aged for 4 months in American oak barrels, 700ml bottle

Mezcal, from Nahuatl mexcalli , which means cooked agave, is a traditional Mexican spirit distilled from the pineapple-shaped core of various agave species such as Espadin, Tobalá, Tuixe or Tepextate.
This agave fruit liquor is made by hand in Oaxaca, mainly in Santiago Matatlán (the world capital of the Mezcal). Officially, six other Mexican states, including Guerrero and Durango, are allowed to produce this spirit.
Mezcal has been an integral part of Mexico since its creation.

Mezcal GRACIAS A DIOS Espadín Reposado, 100% Agave
This Premium Mezcal is distilled twice from 8-year-old Espadín agave and then stored for 4 months in American oak barrels. During storage, the spirit develops a beautiful, light golden color and a wonderfully mild character.
Gracias a Dios Espadín Reposado smells pleasantly smoky and spicy with notes of oak and wild herbs. On the palate, it presents a rich variety of different flavors: spices, herbs, vanilla, caramel, mint, smoke and tropical fruits. Its finish is long, silky and elegant.
The highly aromatic Mezcal Reposado is a great recommendation for all mezcal lovers.
Silver Medal Tastings 2015
Technical specifications:
Alk. Content: 45% - Capacity: 700ml - Category: Mezcal (100% Agave) - Class: Reposado - Region: Oaxaca - Agave: Wild Tobalá - Age of Agaves before Harvest: 8 years - - Type of furnace: Earth pit with stones and agave leaves - Extraction method: Stone mill - Distillation: Twice in copper alembic - Storage: American oak barrels - Storage time: 4 months - Maestro Mezcalero: Oscar Hernández


Production of Gracias a Dios
The harvest - Jima
After 6 years, the Espadin agave is ripe for producing a good mezcal.
In order to get to the agave heart, the leaves and the root of the agave are cut off. For this purpose, the Jimador uses cutting tools such as machetes, mainly the so-called coa, a semicircular sharp metal object with a wooden handle specially developed for agave harvesting.
The cooking process and the grinding
The piñas are cooked for about four days in a pit covered with stones and agave leaves. During cooking, the agaves absorb the aroma of the soil and smoke.
To obtain the pulp, the frogs are then ground with a stone mill.
Fermentation, distillation and bottling
The obtained pulp is stored in oak tubs in which it naturally fermented, depending on the weather, from 3 to 15 days. After fermentation, the mezcal is distilled twice.
The Mezcal Joven - is filled directly, the - Reposado - only after 3 months of storage.

Mezcal GRACIAS A DIOS Espadín Reposado45 % vol 700 ml.
Alcohol content
45 % vol
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Spirituose aus 100% Agaven
Herkunftsland: México

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