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GAUCHO Mate Tee Erva Mate Chimarrão 500g

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Traditional mate tea, 500g.

- Chimarrão (Mate tea)
o The Chimarrao is a mate tea drunk mainly by gauchos in southern Brazil. The special feature is that the mate tea in a single Cuia (calabash) is filled and this is drunk in the group successively through a straw. In Argentina and Uruguay, the same drink is called Yerba Mate and is drunk in a smaller container.
Drinking chimarrão, with friends or alone, is a daily pastime, regardless of the season. It s a tradition that you pass on from generation to generation.

The Chimarrão Gaúcho is one of the most traditional products in Brazil.

The mate tea contains a substance that is similar to caffeine, and has a stimulating effect.


Crushed leaves and stems of dried in the traditional method Yerba Mate. 100% natural: contains no preservatives, flavors or artificial colors.

Zutaten: Mate Tee mit Stengelstückchen

Average nutritional values per 100 g / ml

424 kJ (101 kcal)
3,3 g
 includes unsaturated fatty acids
0,00 g
15 g
 includes sugar
15 g
2,8 g
0,033 g
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Mate Tee
Herkunftsland: Brasilien

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