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FRUTAMIL Mango Fruchtpüree - TK-Produkt - Polpa de Manga, 400g

4,50 EUR

1,12 EUR pro 100g

incl. 5 % VAT excl. shipping costs

delivery time: in 1-3 working days with you (-:

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Product.Nr. X322

Shipping is only possible from Monday to Thursday (within Germany), as the freshness item is shipped cooled in a specially insulated box with dry ice. In addition, shipping is done as an express delivery to maintain the cold chain. Therefore, orders with frozen products are only possible with the delivery method Tiefkühl Express. Please select this shipping method at checkout if you order frozen items. In order to provide the special service for frozen products and to cover the costs, we charge 15.95 EUR for this special shipping.

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