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COMBRASIL Maismehl-Flocken Farinha de Milho Flocão 500g

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Special corn flakes for couscous, bag 500g

The Brazilian "Cuscuz" from the northeast (called Cuscuz Nordestino) is a nutritious, inexpensive and really simple dish that the Portuguese colonizers from North Africa (originally "couscous") brought to Brazil. It is a steamed cornmeal dish that looks like a cake. For the preparation of a steamer is needed, the "Cuscuzeira". Alternatively, Cuscuz can be cooked in a deep plate (Cuscuz no Prato). Cuscuz is an integral part of the typical Brazilian breakfast in the northeast and is served almost every meal. In some places it also serves as an alternative for bread. The coconut couscous is the sweet variant of this recipe, enriched with coconut and sugar.

Zutaten: Mais-Flocken. Hergestellt aus genmodifiziertem Mais. Kühl und trocken lagern.

Average nutritional values per 100 g / ml

1.512 kJ (360 kcal)
2 g
 includes unsaturated fatty acids
0,00 g
76 g
 includes sugar
4 g
8 g
0,00 g
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Herkunftsland: Brasilien

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