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CALENAS - Maniok-Ringe - Rosquillas de Almidon de Yuca, 30g

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Cassava Rings from Colombia, Pack 30g

The Colombian cassava rings are a traditional snack from the beautiful and sunny town of Cali, the capital of salsa. Their crispy texture and delicious cassava flavor make them an excellent companion for beer or a healthier alternative to french fries as they are baked.

Tasty and low in calories, the Rosquillas Caleñas are perfect for any occasion.

The products Caleño s have been made according to the best recipe since 1960: high quality ingredients, love and enthusiasm.



Importaciones Origen Pacífico S.L
Carrer Doc. Fleming 33
46970 Alacuás / Valencia
Herkunftsland: Kolumbien

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