FRANKFURT - Street Shop

In the Middle of Frankfurt next to the "Zeil" you can find our cosy street shop - a meeting point for all fans and friends of the Brazilian and Latin American lifestyle.

In addition to the products offfered in our online shop, you can also find frozen food. E.g.:

  • Polpa de Açaí
  • Polpa de Caja, Acerola, Cajú (Cashew), Goiaba (Guave), Manga (Mango), Mamao (Papaya), Maracuja, Graviola, Cupuaçu, Lulo
  • Massa para Pastel und Pao de Quejio
  • Coxinha de Frango und Empadas de Frango
  • and salgadinhos typical for Brazil and Latin America

Come in and find ot... here is our adress:

Töngesgasse 7
60311 Frankfurt
Open hours: MON - SAT 10.30 to 18.30

Phone.: +49 (0)69-21930683


NEUSS - Warehouse

Unfortunately there is no direct sales. Here you find our warehouse where all goods are stored, packed and sended. Here is our adress:

Graf Landsberg Straße 9
41460 Neuss
Phone: 02131/40656-40 (MON-FRI 8.00 - 17.00)


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