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AREHUCAS Añejo Reserva Especial 18 Años - Brauner Rum, 700ml, 40%vol.

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Premium brown rum from the Canary Islands, aged 18 years in oak barrels, bottle 700ml.

Ron Arehucas Añejo Reserva Especial shows an elegant mahogany color, a result of long storage in oak barrels of hundreds of years old rum cellar. This extraordinary spirit is stored for a full 18 years until it is ready to be enjoyed.
Arehucas 18 Años has a delicious bouquet of vanilla, caramel, spices and pleasant wood notes.
The taste is very balanced, soft and powerful at the same time. Notes of sugar cane, oak, caramel and a hint of smoke linger on the palate. An exceptionally harmonious rum, despite the great complexity of aromas.
Arehucas Anejo Reserva Especial 18 Años must not be missing in any case in a good rum collection.
The luxurious bottle comes in a stylish gift box.

Ron AREHUCAS Añejo Reserva Especial 18 Años (Mit Farbstoff (E150d) zur einheitlichen Farbgebung.)40 % vol 700 ml
Alcohol content
40 % vol
SUCOs DO BRASIL- Productos Latino GmbH
Graf-Landsberg-Str. 9
41460 Neuss
Brauner Rum
Herkunftsland: Spanien

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