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Amazonian Gin Company, 41% vol., 50ml

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Premium Gin from Peru, MINI bottle 50ml

The first premium gin from the Amazon
Amazon Gin Company is a premium gin that is 100% distilled with the best, fresh botanicals from the Amazon rainforest. The most important botanicals grown exclusively by small local producers include Amazonian citrus, Aguaymanto, Camu-Camu, Brazil nuts and Sacha Inchi.
The nose is dominated by fresh citrus and herbal notes; on the palate the precious flavor diversity of the Amazon.
Made by hand, this exceptional spirit is certainly one of the most exotic gins in the international market in terms of taste and aroma.
Amazon Gin Company is an absolute insider tip for all gin lovers.

Peruvian Amazonian Gin Company41 % vol, 50 ml.
Alcohol content
41 % vol
SUCOs DO BRASIL- Productos Latino GmbH
Graf-Landsberg-Str. 9
41460 Neuss
Herkunftsland: Peru

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